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Headphones Rental Service FOR ALL TASTES

Our core business is the pure headphones rental service. We have a large number of units available, and we offer different models for different uses.

In the speific, our services, are focused on the following "Silent Events"

  • Silent Disco - is the most common of the events organized by our customers. Added to a bit of creativity can fit everywhere. It is also considered a powerful tool for Brand Marketing actions.
  • Silent Concerts - try the terrific experience of live performance of Band, all using our wireless headphones. Using the three channels and a little fantasy you can really create unic shows, with only one common point: High Audio Quality.
  • Silent Festival - this is the perfect reality for introducing the Silent Disco. Will be easy to create a "Virtual Dancefloor" inside a big festival. Perfect for chill out areas and great for dee jay contests.
  • Silent Cinema - the cinema with headphones is not just a trend. It is a msart and useful application. Perfect for ope air projections, rooftop cinema, and many other unconventional film event.
  • Silent Yoga - asana and meditation 2.0. Perfect System to find the realx also in noisy and chaotic cities. Finally you can isolate yourself from the outside horns and screams, do you Yoga Class in peace.
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