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LEM International

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We are the first and the biggest headphones provider of the market.

With more than 10000 wireless headphones available and up to 20 different events on the same weekend, LEM International S.r.l. ® is the best solution for High Quality headphones rentals.

From the 2012, year of LEM foundation, we boast the primate of events made with Wireless Headphones.

LEM International was founded by a group of young engineers moved by the love for the technology and especially by their passion for music. With the 'goal to spread this phenomenon and silence all the world.

Thank to the continuous research of the best quality of engineers and researchers from LEM, the Brand SILENTSYSTEM now identifies the best wireless headphones for Silent Disco , Silent Yoga and Silent Cinema.

Our wireless headphones are used in various industries like: discos, events open air, fitness events, weddings, congresses, conferences, cinemas, exhibitions, festivals, theaters, radios, schools, health centers and many others.

The aim of LEM is to put at the disposal of all our excellent quality and reliability systems. We want to offer the best quality headphones that exists.

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